Saturday, 6 October 2012


I have been in a multi-racial relations for a very very long time, with bi-racial children, also I have been in mono-racial relationships with just children from one race. In all this time, nearly half a century I have not seen one history book or lesson in my children education that explore Black People Social History in this country, UK, Why! I dont know, my children have been lucky and their friends have also gain an insight into the real contribution of Black People to history.
One of the greatest put down of Black People on TV is the Dancing Blacks half naked in mud hut villages in the deepest Africa, you never, never see a Black Middle Class family in a major African capital, if you do, it the drug dealers, the criminals and the poor, roughest areas of the city that is given spot light on TV. When I work in an area of a major city in England were black people live in large numbers and cant afford to visit these African Countries or major cities or even sea side resorts, I was ask if I lived in a mud hut out in the sticks, and did I go to school with no shoes on and half naked.

I did not get angry, I blamed the Media and the African Government that allow cat-blanch TV program making with such negative and God Dam nasty posion in the minds of young black children and white children who go on to belive that Black People are not worth any thing nor o they have any form of history in the past.  This we have to change and its not going to be easy, I know that as the underground world will fight tooth and nail to destroy what ever we are doing.