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Pedro Lessa.
Pedro Lessa Brazilian Academy of Letters
Birth Of September 25 of 1859 Serro , Minas Gerais

Death Of July 25 of 1921 (61 years) Rio de Janeiro , Federal District
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Nationality Brazilian
Occupation Lawyer , judge , politician and teacherSearch images available
Pedro Augusto Carneiro Lessa ( Serro , 25 of September of 1859 - Rio de Janeiro , 25 of July of 1921 ) was a lawyer , judge , politician and teacher Brazilian .

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Colonel Pedro Lessa son Joseph and Frances Amelia Carneiro Lessa, was the nephew of the poet Aureliano Lessa . Having completed his primary and secondary education in the province of Minas Gerais, moved in 1876 to São Paulo , where he enrolled in the Law School of Largo São Francisco . He graduated in 1883, alongside names that would stand out like those of David Campista , Paiva Bueno , Martim Francisco Sobrinho and Julio de Mesquita .

In 1885, Pedro Lessa started a fruitful public career with the appointment to the post of secretary of the ratio of. Two years later, in 1887, he achieved the first place in competition for teaching in the Faculty of Law of São Paulo . Without having obtained the appointment, in 1888 he returned to provide competition, obtaining again the first, and being named then as a full professor.

He was appointed chief of police of the State of São Paulo and elected to the Constituent Assembly of São Paulo in 1891, having taken part in the drafting of the state constitution jobs.

A few years later he withdrew from public life to devote himself exclusively to teaching and advocacy. However, in October 1907 he was appointed minister of the Supreme Court , when the retirement Mendonça Lucius . Pedro Lessa was a mulatto and was the first african descent to be minister of the Supreme Court (the second was Hermenegildo Rodrigues de Barros ), 96 years before Joaquim Barbosa [ 1 ] .

As a minister of the Supreme Court, he was responsible for the expansion of the institute " habeas corpus " cases not provided for in the Brazilian Constitution of 1891 , contributing to the creation of mandamus .

Elected on May 7, 1910 to the chair 11 of the Brazilian Academy of Letters , succeeding Lúcio de Mendonça, was received on September 6 of that year by the academic Clovis Bevilaqua . He received, in turn, the academic Alfredo Pujol .

It was an active member of the League of National Defense , which was one of the founders, to September 7, 1916. He belonged to several cultural institutions, including the Historical and Geographical Brazilian Institute .

1899 - the Arts Interpretation. 23, 34, 63 and 65 of the Federal Constitution ;
1900 - It is the story a science? - Introduction to the History of Civilization Buckle (test);
1909 - Dissertations and controversial - legal studies ;
1912 - Law philosophy studies ;
1915 - The psychic determinism and liability and criminal liability ;
1915 - The Judiciary ;
1916 - Speeches and conferences .
In the city of Rio de Janeiro there is a street in the city that honors, as well as a school municipal, in the neighborhood Bonsucesso , MS Pedro Lessa.

In Santos , in the state of São Paulo , there is an avenue with his name.

In the city of São Paulo, at Avenida Paulista , there is the Forum Minister Pedro Lessa. As well, it is honored with his name given to a room of the Law Faculty of the University of São Paulo, where he studied.

In Serro, his hometown in the state of Minas Gerais, a district got its name.

Also honored at the National Law School of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, where one of the auditoriums bears his name.