Sunday, 22 January 2017


               BLACK SOCIAL HISTORY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

SALMA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Dodia popularly known as Akapilipili (Hot Chick) is Zambia’s upcoming Artist who is making Airwaves in the Country. She is not only beautiful but also a very good and talented singer.

In an exclusive interview with UKZAMBIANS Entertainment Writer Charity Musa, She tells us more about herself and her Music Career.


UKZAMBIANS: What is your name, when where you born and how old are you?

My Name is Salma Dodia, and I was born on November 22, 1985 in Lusaka Zambia and am the 3rd child out of four children.

UKZAMBIANS: When did you realize that you hard interest in Music?

I became interested in Music while I was in Primary School but cannot remember the exact age.

UKZAMBIANS: Who has inspired you to start singing and who is your favourite Zambian and foreign artists?

Myself really.I always just knew that my singing was not just singing. I knew I had a sound that just needed to be nurtured and it has and is still growing. I like quite a few Zambians artists. If not all for their own strengths. So it’s a bit hard to choose.

Akapilipili (Hot Chick)

UKZAMBIANS: And the Foreign Artists?

Foreign Artists in Africa would have to be the likes of Miriam Makeba and Angelique Kidjo who inspire me with such strength and wisdom and are the essence of African music by women, Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, Keri Hilson, are western women with a very strong feel and are lyrically genius.

In the testosterone zone I am fond of Musiq Soul Child, Anthony Hamilton, The Great Bob Marley and Stevie Wonder. They are men of substance and carry strong messages to the masses. They inspire me to make music like they have or did.

UKZAMBIANS: What are you currently working on at the moment?

Currently I am trying to get an album together, there will be a promo CD before that will allow the public to sample the album and we’ll get it to the radio stations and work around getting a few shows to publicise the launch.

UKZAMBIANS: When are you releasing your new Album and how many songs will be on it?

10 songs and the release date is not yet to be decided.

UKZAMBIANS: Whom are you featuring on your new album?

I can only tell you who I hope to feature with as life changes and set backs may end up seeming like as an artist I didn’t fulfill my promise. Mwila an upcoming artist and I are planning to join two very important sounds that I think the Zambian public will appreciate. It’s a surprise and a great story! :).

UKZAMBIANS: Is this your first album and are you planning on making music as your career? Or there other projects you are working on?

This will be my first album. Music is what I love to do and if I could make it a full time career then I would. I’m pushing for that to become a reality as much as Am pushing to get my education sorted so that regardless of what may happen I am stable in either field.

UKZAMBIANS: What type of music do you sing, is it RnB, just ordinary Zambian music, or what?

It’s a fuse of cultures and sounds and textures! There is so much that am doing that I think Zambians and non Zambians will find refreshing. The local languages would be the more Zambian aspect of my music but the sound is very new.

I may have to create a genre of my own to describe my music. 🙂

UKZAMBIANS: Which international singer would you like to work with and why?

Musiq Soul Child. He is the reason I believe in soul and I think any good music no matter what genre, must be felt and sang and heard with every inch of our soul so to me that makes the most sense genre wise and I think I sing soul well so we’d probably make a good collabo.

UKZAMBIANS: Are you planning on touring other countries, if so which ones are they?

In Africa, I would love to go to Angola, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Morocco, Nigeria and some of our neighbouring countries as well like Zimbabwe, Malawi, and Namibia etc.

UKZAMBIANS: You recently performed live on Big Brother Africa All-Stars reality Show which is currently airing on DSTV all over the African continent from South Africa, How did you feel when you were chosen?

It was thrilling. I’ve never felt so alive before so many people. It’s like my drive for music was just heightened by knowing how vast the viewer ship is. I feel so blessed. And it was a great opportunity for me.

UKZAMBIANS: What are the titles of the two songs you performed live on Big Brother Africa All-Stars?

Unbreakable and Wonderful World and I enjoyed the performance very much!

UKZAMBIANS: Why are they calling you AKAPILILI and what made you decide to do collaboration with JK?

I guess the name stuck. Most people who have known me before and after the collabo have just adopted the title. The plus side is, it’s obviously left a very deep impression and so far a good one. I’m glad.

JK approached me about the idea after featuring as a model/dancer in his collabo with Cactus called Concrete Mixer. The concept was good, the sound was great, and so I went for it.

UKZAMBIANS: Thank you very much for giving us the chance to interview you Ms Dodia.

You are welcome and it is my pleasure doing an interview with you.