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Amateur career

Satterfield was the Chicago City Golden Gloves 147-pound champion in 1941.

Professional career

Satterfield, known for his punching power and aggressive style, was a fan favorite. His poor stamina and weak chin often cost him fights, however. In his bout against heavyweight contender Rex Layne on March 9, 1951, Satterfield hurt Layne, and knocked him down for an eight count in the first round. Layne slowly retook control of the fight, and ultimately knocked out Satterfield in the eighth round.
Satterfield was knocked out in 7 rounds by future middleweight champion Jake LaMotta on September 12, 1946. He was also knocked out in 2 rounds by former heavyweightchampion Ezzard Charles on January 13, 1954. Satterfield did score a knockout over heavyweight contender Cleveland Williams and also beat the dangerous giant Cuban Nino Valdes, but lost by KO to light heavyweight champion Archie Moore, and dropped 2 out of 3 to future light heavyweight champion Harold Johnson.

In the media

The 2007 motion picture Resurrecting the Champ is based on an L.A. Times Magazine article[1] about a reporter named Erik Kernan Jr. who finds a homeless man claiming to be Bob Satterfield and writes an article about him in the Denver Times Magazine. The film stars Samuel L. JacksonJosh Hartnett and Alan Alda and was directed by Rod Lurie.


  • Satterfield served in the United States Army from 1942-45.
  • It has been reported that he was friends with musician Miles Davis and introduced Muhammad Ali to his first wife.

Professional boxing record

50 Wins (35 knockouts, 15 decisions), 25 Losses (13 knockouts, 12 decisions), 4 Draws [1]
Win34-11-6United States Howard "Honeyboy" KingSD1021/11/1957United States Oakland Auditorium ArenaOakland, California94-97, 97-95, 98-95.
Win13-3United States Garvin SawyerSD1021/10/1957United States Enright TheatrePittsburgh, Pennsylvania46-44, 46-44, 44-45.
Loss23-11-2United States Bert WhitehurstUD1001/10/1957United States Toledo Sports ArenaToledo, Ohio
Loss20-16-3Cuba Julio MederosPTS1003/06/1957United States New Frontier Hotel and CasinoLas Vegas, Nevada
Win28-12-2United States Frankie DanielsMD1016/05/1957United States Sacramento Memorial AuditoriumSacramento, California97-97, 97-94, 98-95.
Win8-6-1United States Ben WiseKO115/04/1957United States Oakland Auditorium ArenaOakland, CaliforniaWise knocked out at 1:22 of the first round.
Loss51-8United States Harold "Hercules" JohnsonUD1012/03/1957United States Miami Beach AuditoriumMiami Beach, Florida93-96, 91-97, 93-98.
Win19-15-3Cuba Julio MederosUD1004/02/1957United States Milwaukee ArenaMilwaukee, Wisconsin99-92, 99-94, 98-93.
Win29-11-5United States Chicago Dale HallKO508/01/1957United States Keller AuditoriumPortland, OregonHall knocked out at 2:57 of the fifth round.
Win12-1-1United States Warnell LesterKO1027/11/1956United States Miami Beach AuditoriumMiami Beach, Florida
Win25-3United States Claude ChapmanKO712/11/1956United States Rhode Island AuditoriumProvidence, Rhode Island
Loss18-2-2United States Hal CarterTKO501/08/1956United States Syracuse War Memorial ArenaSyracuse, New York
Win30-4-2United States Johnny SummerlinUD1020/06/1956United States Chicago StadiumChicago, Illinois
Win10-0United States Jim PerseyPTS1010/04/1956United States Miami Beach AuditoriumMiami Beach, Florida
Loss17-1-2United States Hal CarterUD1020/03/1956United States Miami Beach AuditoriumMiami Beach, Florida94-97, 93-98, 92-99.
Draw17-1-1United States Hal CarterPTS1028/02/1956United States Miami Beach AuditoriumMiami Beach, Florida96-97, 96-96, 97-95.
Loss24-11-1United States John HolmanTKO811/01/1956United States Chicago StadiumChicago, Illinois
Win30-6United States Paul AndrewsKO906/12/1955United States Buffalo Memorial AuditoriumBuffalo, New York
Win32-9-3Cuba Nino ValdesUD1017/08/1955United States Chicago StadiumChicago, Illinois98-92, 97-93, 97-88.
Draw24-6United States Joey RowanPTS1019/07/1955United States Miami Beach AuditoriumMiami Beach, Florida
Loss25-9United States Archie McBrideSD1011/05/1955United States Chicago StadiumChicago, Illinois94-95, 94-96, 95-90.
Loss26-7-2United States Joe LindsayUD1019/04/1955United States Miami Beach AuditoriumMiami Beach, Florida
Win20-6-2United States Marty MarshallPTS1022/03/1955United States Miami Beach AuditoriumMiami Beach, Florida
Loss19-5-2United States Marty MarshallKO230/11/1954United States Marigold GardensChicago, IllinoisSatterfield knocked out at 2:09 of the second round.
Win19-9-1United States John HolmanKO110/11/1954United States Chicago StadiumChicago, IllinoisHolman knocked out at 1:16 of the first round.
Win23-8-1United States Frankie DanielsTKO730/08/1954United States St. Nicholas ArenaNew York CityReferee stopped the bout at 2:44 of the seventh round.
Win18-8-1United States John HolmanKO1020/07/1954United States Miami Beach AuditoriumMiami Beach, Florida
Win31-1United States Cleveland WilliamsKO322/06/1954United States Miami Beach AuditoriumMiami Beach, Florida
Loss50-18-2United States Charley Doc WilliamsSD1001/06/1954United States Miami Beach AuditoriumMiami Beach, Florida
Win10-1-2Cuba Julio MederosKO211/05/1954United States Miami Beach AuditoriumMiami Beach, Florida
Loss82-10-1United States Ezzard CharlesKO213/01/1954United States Chicago StadiumChicago, Illinois
Win61-12-4United States Ray AugustusKO815/12/1953United States Rainbo ArenaChicago, Illinois
Win30-2-1United States Bob "The Grinder" BakerKO101/07/1953United States Chicago StadiumChicago, IllinoisBaker knocked out at 2:32 of the first round.
Win9-4United States Gene BrownKO203/06/1953United States St. Louis ArenaSaint Louis, Missouri
Win4-14-1United States Murray BarnettKO315/05/1953United States Chicago StadiumChicago, Illinois
Loss36-5United States Harold "Hercules" JohnsonKO206/10/1952United States Philadelphia ArenaPhiladelphia, PennsylvaniaSatterfield knocked out at 1:58 of the second round.
Win35-4United States Harold "Hercules" JohnsonSD1006/08/1952United States Chicago StadiumChicago, Illinois51-49, 48-52, 54-46.
Loss30-2-1United States Clarence HenryTKO130/01/1952United States Chicago StadiumChicago, IllinoisReferee stopped the bout at 1:41 of the first round.
Loss11-0United States Wes BascomSD1015/11/1951United States St. Louis ArenaSaint Louis, Missouri
Loss29-1-2United States Rex LayneTKO809/03/1951United States Madison Square GardenNew York CityReferee stopped the bout at 2:56 of the eighth round.
Win27-4-1United States Elkins BrothersTKO219/01/1951United States St. Nicholas ArenaNew York City
Win57-9-2United States Vern MitchellUD1013/12/1950United States Chicago StadiumChicago, Illinois
Loss63-27-3United States Lee OmaUD1025/09/1950United States Buffalo Memorial AuditoriumBuffalo, New York4-5, 2-7, 4-6.
Win62-26-3United States Lee OmaKO617/05/1950United States Chicago StadiumChicago, Illinois
Win75-8-2United States Tommy GomezUD1022/03/1950United States Chicago StadiumChicago, Illinois
Win38-5-1United States Nick BaroneUD1022/02/1950United States Chicago StadiumChicago, Illinois
Win29-7-1United States Sylvester PerkinsTKO218/11/1949United States Chicago StadiumChicago, Illinois
Loss46-11-4United States Henry HallKO425/04/1949United States Milwaukee AuditoriumMilwaukee, WisconsinSatterfield knocked out at 1:40 of the fourth round.
Loss98-17-7United States Archie MooreKO331/01/1949United States Toledo Sports ArenaToledo, OhioSatterfield knocked out at 0:25 of the third round.
Win32-3-4United States Bob AmosPTS1010/12/1948United States International AmphitheatreChicago, Illinois
Loss61-15-4United States Joey MaximUD1012/11/1948United States Chicago StadiumChicago, Illinois
Draw32-2-1United States Bob AmosPTS1015/09/1948United States Chicago StadiumChicago, Illinois
Win13-1-2United States Richard HaganTKO907/09/1948United States Marigold GardensChicago, Illinois
Win41-17-4United States Oakland Billy SmithKO129/06/1948United States Marigold GardensChicago, Illinois
Win18-4United States Art SwidenKO107/05/1948United States Chicago StadiumChicago, Illinois
Loss40-10-2United States Sam BaroudiTKO223/01/1948United States Chicago StadiumChicago, Illinois
Win23-5-3United States Al JohnsonPTS1012/11/1947United States Chicago StadiumChicago, Illinois
Win33-9-1United States Chuck HunterKO1006/10/1947United States Chicago StadiumChicago, IllinoisHunter knocked out at 2:05 of the tenth round.
Loss21-3-2United States Al JohnsonUD818/08/1947United States Marigold GardensChicago, Illinois
Win11-3-2United States Willie MooreKO230/06/1947United States Marigold GardensChicago, Illinois
Loss9-1United States Bob FoxworthKO114/03/1947United States Chicago StadiumChicago, IllinoisSatterfield knocked out at 2:07 of the first round.
Win10-2-1United States Willie MooreUD810/02/1947United States Marigold GardensChicago, Illinois
Loss59-10-3United States Jake LaMottaKO712/09/1946United States Wrigley FieldChicago, IllinoisSatterfield knocked out at 1:50 of the seventh round.
Win38-54-10United States Vince PimpinellaKO214/08/1946United States Comiskey ParkChicago, IllinoisPimpinella knocked out at 0:19 of the second round.
Loss140-21-10United States Holman WilliamsPTS1025/04/1946United States Chicago ColiseumChicago, Illinois
Win27-6-1United States Johnny ClarkKO528/03/1946United States Chicago ColiseumChicago, Illinois
Win12-4United States Benny McCombsKO226/12/1945United States Ashland AuditoriumChicago, IllinoisMcCombs knocked out at 1:18 of the second round.
Win16-3-1United States Collins BrownKO107/12/1945United States Chicago StadiumChicago, IllinoisBrown knocked out at 1:14 of the first round.
Win31-10-4United States Bob GarnerKO214/11/1945United States Ashland AuditoriumChicago, IllinoisMcCombs knocked out at 1:18 of the second round.
Win8-6United States Charley PolkKO224/10/1945United States Ashland AuditoriumChicago, Illinois
Win13-9-2United States Oscar BoydKO427/09/1945United States Milwaukee AuditoriumMilwaukee, WisconsinBoyd knocked out at 0:55 of the fourth round.
Win21-22-7United States Curley DentonKO106/09/1945United States Milwaukee AuditoriumMilwaukee, WisconsinDenton knocked out at 1:30 of the first round.
Win13-5-2United States Vecie VanKO110/08/1945United States Milwaukee AuditoriumMilwaukee, Wisconsin
Win5-5United States Herman HayesKO123/07/1945United States Marigold GardensChicago, Illinois
Draw27-14-1United States Johnny VorcePTS828/05/1945United States Marigold GardensChicago, Illinois
Win9-17-6United States Charley RothKO107/05/1945United States Marigold GardensChicago, Illinois
Loss3-3United States Mack ParshayKO102/05/1945United States Chicago ColiseumChicago, IllinoisSatterfield knocked out at 2:10 of the first round.
Win11-5-3United States Arthur McWhorterKO123/04/1945United States Marigold GardensChicago, IllinoisMcWhorter knocked out at 1:51 of the first round.
Win--United States Tom MitchellKO119/03/1945United States Marigold GardensChicago, Illinois