Sunday, 4 November 2012


The images that you find in various centuries gone past, are not different to the images of modern times, the human race may have develop with technology and the advancement of the items and technology around us, but our basic concept of what we are as human beings have not advance that much at all. Take Racism in Football, the players are as racist today as they were a hundred years ago, they lack respect for fellow players or the referees,some of  the fans are an inbred low level unintelligent animals who have the IQ of a flea, and to expect any thing else from them is asking the moon to come down and kiss the earth. The English football set up is full of Black players at every level, but when it comes to Football Managers or Coaches, its find the needle in the sand and in some part of the country and in one particular city, their is An Organised Apatite System been run at every level in that city, right from the  Local City Council, The Banks, The Building Society, The Super Markets, Hundreds of small business, medium and  small shops, Charities, you name it they all run a quiet secret No-Blacks or One Black In and then find ways of getting rid of them.

The shame of this un-written policy is so dangerous that only a Government with the Balls to take the modern day Plantation Owners, their Managers, Their Supervisors, and the class of people who dont want to work with Black People are you going to start the slow process of the changes that are long long over due.

I have had to fight Racism all my life and over fifty years of an uphill struggle to try and make my life, my family life some thing to be proud of, but my experiences and now been mirrored by my children and grand children. Why has a city has such a nice comical and so called friendly people living in it, yet still has been the most effective city in Great Britain in keeping Black People Down, even far more effective than the Old South Africa. Changes must take place and the people including the whole city set up will have to look at them selves in the mirror and ask, WHY ANT WE LIKE LEEDS< MANCHESTER< LONDON ect ect. ????????