Monday, 26 November 2012


In New South Wales Australia, indigenous children with European ancestry had been remove from their families since the setting up of the Aboriginal Protection Board. (The Board)  in 1883. although Assimilation was not really government policy then, those children were take away so they could be merged into the White Australian Population. ( In other words Cheap Slave Labor)  The Native Protection Board (NSW) gave the board the power to assume full custody of the child of any Native Australian if a court found neglect. Native Australian Protection Act 1909 (NSW)  Black Australian.

Many Native Australian families were able to leave New South Wales and go to near by States because it took so long to get cases to court. In 1915 the Board got more powers to take Native Australian (Black Australian) Children from their homes without a court hearing. To remove a child from its parents, it had to proven in court that the child was in danger, if the child was White. This was not the case with Black/Native Australian children, the removal was often not planned as an Aboriginal Protection Board Official, the Racist name for Black Australian, The Reserve Manager or a Policeman could declare  that a child was in danger and that child could be removed without even its parents being informed before hand.

The only way the parents could stop it was to appeal the decision in a court. Many parents were forced to signed or thumbprint documents they could not even read and that meant their children could be taken away. Some parents did not even have the opportunity to say goodbye, some children were taken while their parents were out hunting, others were snatched when they were playing a few yards from their house, their were heart breaking stories of children been ripped out of their mothers arms, and taken away. Parents running after the cars that their children have been place in to drive away with them.

Their is a million reason why The Australian Government, Its People must say "WE ARE SO SORRY FOR THE WRONG DONE AND MUST PAY COMPENSATION TO THE NATIVE/BLACK AUSTRALIAN PEOPLE" ,