Friday, 2 November 2012


In a White Democracy, their is a cloud of Freedom of Speech, the right to Equality, to be treated as Equal at all times under the Nation Law,  Employment, Racism, Equality, Gender, Disability, Religious Beliefs, and all Human Rights will be up hold and respected. The truth is far from the reality for a Black Person in these societies, as the fear of they will take all our jobs, they do-nt belong here, they are all drug dealers, thieves, most of them are benefit cheats or live on benefits any way.

Half a century of living in my city I cant say I have ever seen a Black Fire Officer, an Ambulance Officer or a Para-Medic, Black Bus Drivers, and to find a Black Person in a Bank, Building Society, the Major Super Markets, the second league super markets, the shops in city center were we play the game of find the blacks in the city shops or council and school buildings. Take Morrison the major super market in Liverpool, in its shops in the south and north of Liverpool you wont find a Black Face working in them, in actual fact even when you visit, the Racist Security Guards from G4, and the so called Supervisor run an Anti- Black we do-nt like them in her policy.  They will go to any length to try and harass Black People using the Shop for their daily shopping or just to buy lunch in the cafe.

Then you have the attack on your car carried out by Professionals entering your car in the night to look for drugs, or spy equipment that they have convince them self that this Black Dude or individual must be involved in some shad-die dealing, and must be observed, car search, home search,. All my BMWs have been open time after time, even the back seat has holes made in the seat, car doors open to look   for what I dont know. My new car passenger door has been open with the usual flat steel bar to look into the car, but as usual they cant put it back together as now water goes down the side into the door  so sooner than later it will pack in.

There is no land of The Free For Blacks, as we are subjected to constant unwritten Law and the Offence of "BEEN BORN BLACK" their will be lots of minority so called blacks who will disagree with me, as they are the state spokes person, well payed jobs, and have no Black Identity and thus will always say I have never faced racism. So God Help Them See The Light !!!!!!!