Tuesday, 24 September 2013


                      BLACK             SOCIAL             HISTORY                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Klymaxx is an all-female Pop/R&B band from Los Angeles, California.

Klymaxx, is an American all female band created and founded by the band's drummer and quirky diseuse, Bernadette Cooper. Cooper after college created an all girl band. She also created the name 'Klymaxx'. Klymaxx uniqueness is due to the all girl bands ability to play Instruments and their sound was influential because of its comedic, women power theme. Klymaxx original members are (vocalist, drummer, founder) Bernadette Cooper, (vocalist) Lorena Porter (Stewart), (guitarist) Cheryl Cooley, (keyboardists ) Lynn Malsby, (keyboardists) Robbin Grider and later after the band signed to Solar records (bassist/ vocalist) Joyce Irby, was added to the band . In 1981, Klymaxx were signed to Solar Records by Dick Griffey. Their debut album was entitled
 Never Underestimate The Power Of A Woman. Upon beginning work on their second album. Klymaxx became one of the first acts to work with writers/producers Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis of The Time. The team wrote and produced many songs including the song "Wild Girls" for that second album, entitled Girls Will Be Girls. Klymaxx, remains the only female self-contained R&B/Pop Band to achieve platinum status.


After the second Solar album in 1983, they switched to the MCA-distributed Constellation label for Meeting in the Ladies Room, featuring the their first hit which was penned by Bernadette Cooper and Joyce Irby "The Men All Pause" which marked the beginning of their success. Griffey chose as their second single the 1985 hit "I Miss You" penned by Lynn Malsby, which peaked at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart and at #1 on the Billboard adult contemporary chart. "I Miss You" remained on the Hot 100 chart for 29 weeks, a long chart run at the time, and good enough to rank it as the third-biggest-selling song of 1986, ahead of several songs that went higher in the top 10. The album also featured the hits "The Men All Pause" and "Meeting in the Ladies Room". 1986 saw the release of "Man Size Love" (which was written by Rod Temperton "Thriller") from the Running Scared motion picture soundtrack. The following year, this song was included on their self-titled Klymaxx album, which went on to provide more hits. The hit songs produced and written by Bernadette Cooper, "Divas Need Love Too" and "Sexy" along with the ballad "I'd Still Say Yes", written by Babyface (credited as K. Edmonds), G. Scelsa, and Joyce Irby. It peaked at #18 on the Hot 100 and #8 on the adult-contemporary chart in 1987.

Later Years]

Joyce Irby and Bernadette cooper began successful solo careers that catapulted their careers as writers, producers and label owners. Signing, and creating various other solo acts, bands and groups.
After members began solo careers and Constellation was folded into MCA, the remaining member Lorena Porter, Cheryl Cooley, and Robin Grider continued to perform around the US.
In 1990, they returned with The Maxx Is Back, which featured the singles "Good Love" and "Don't Run Away." "Good Love" peaked at #4 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks charts. However, without the appeal of the most popular members Cooper and Irby, MCA released the remaining girls from their contract.
Joyce Irby reunited with Lorena Shelby and Cheryl Cooley for the album titled One Day, This Album was released on Irby's 1869 EP Wreckudz label, and featuring the single "All I Think About Is You," written by Babyface. Replacing Bernadette Cooper on drums was Terri Lynn Carrington.


Members of the classic Klymaxx lineup met up on an episode of the VH1 series Bands Reunited in 2003 to perform some of their vintage hit singles. The show was met with favorable ratings as the drama disclosed member Cheryl Cooley unauthorized use of the name and touring as the band "Klymaxx", without the consent of the other members. In 2003 the group began touring together again with the exception of Cheryl Cooley. On November 15, 2009, Unsung premiered on the TV One cable network The documentary Klymaxx: chronicling the story of the group's genesis and rise to fame.

Bernadette Cooper solo]

Cooper signed with MCA Records and released a solo album entitled Drama According to Bernadette Cooper and two singles, "I Look Good" and "Stupid", in 1990. Another single, "The Underground," followed in 1991. She also made a cameo appearance on Teena Marie's 1990 single "Here's Looking at You". "I Look Good" was included on the Klymaxx Greatest Hits compilation. Cooper continued writing and producing for other artists such as Cheryl Lynn (1987), the trio Altitude and in 1988 Bernadette Cooper created, co- engineered, wrote and produced the album for her critically acclaimed girl group "Madame X", securing the hit "Just That Type of Girl" under the watchful eye of Sylvia Rhone, Atlantic Records. Other artists whose songs were written and produced by Cooper include Salt n Pepa's hit "I Am the Body Beautiful" from the soundtrack of the motion picture To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Julie Newmar; Paula Abdul's "Missing You", from Head over Heels; and a song for Bette Midler  Diva Las Vegas, "I Look Good" and many other artist and soundtracks. Cooper is currently producing her new solo album under the banner 'Klymaxx presents Bernadette Cooper, 'Diva & A Turntable'. She was portrayed by Halle Berry on an episode of Saturday Night Live which spoofed the band. In 2012-2013. Bernadette Cooper is also touring with her new critically acclaimed one woman show which is currently billed as "KLYMAXX Presents Bernadette Cooper 'Diva And A Turntable'". Veteran entertainment writer Steve Ivory describes the show as, "KLYMAXX is the theater and Cooper is the act...fabulous!" The show is an intimate viewing of Bernadette performing hit songs she has written and produced for many artist including Klymaxx. The show is Bernadette Cooper, two singers, a live drummer who accompanies the DJ.

Joyce Irby solo]

Joyce "Fenderella" Irby signed with Motown Records and released the dance-oriented Maximum Thrust in 1989. The solo set spawned two singles and music videos for "Hey Mr. DJ" with Doug E. Fresh, and "She's Not My Lover." Irby signed Dallas Austin as a 16-year-old songwriter/producer and together they produced tracks for the male R&B group Troop, and wrote "I Will Always Love You" for their debut album. More recently, Irby has been involved with launching the career of young R&B vocalist and The Inc/Def Jam recording artist Lloyd. Lloyd Polite was once a member of the teen pop group N-Toon, whom Irby put together and signed to DreamWorks Records in the mid-1990s.

Cheryl Cooley solo]

Original guitarist of Klymaxx, all female R&B/Pop band, Cheryl Cooley is now performing her rendition of the group Klymaxx.