Wednesday, 23 January 2013


The Germans used the Black African soldiers in the fist world war in there fight to save there colonies, also in the western front and the British, French and Belgian used there African trained troops to fight the Germans in there African colonies. In the Western Front French used African Trained Troops like  the Senegalese Troops, Algerian, Togolese, Mali, Chad, and other African countries to battle German troops in all there theaters of war. The American Civil wars saw African American soldiers fighting on the Union side and also on the Confederates side, what ever there justification for fighting on the side of Slavery and still wanting to protect the people that have enslaved them, ill treated them, whipped them, starve them and willing to die for them just does not make sense, they believe they were fighting to protect there home land and there family. the guts to follow the

Some times its so sad that none of these European Countries have got to follow the Americans lead with all there memorial to Black Soldiers all over the country. The Germans Troops entered Paris in the second world war and took down the full size bronze statue of the Black General in Neapolian Army who fought so bravery for France and melted it down to make guns. seventy years plus after the end of the war, the French Government has never ask the German Government to pay and replace the statue, why ? Because he is Black. I call on the German and French Government to Honor This Brave Black French General.