Friday, 11 January 2013


Segregation and Hyper-segregation is the means by which the white race introduced laws that are designed to keep Black People out of the political system by denial of there right to vote or to take part in the political system, the education system is is separated by race, white goes to white school and blacks goes to black school, the transport system is segregated by race, white in front seats and blacks in the back of the bus. No position as bus drivers or any form of work apart from bus cleaners. Even the Military Forces like the Army was segregated by race, all black units lead by white officers, this was in force until the 1950's.

It did not end there, water fountains were designed for blacks only, and white only, toilets were the same and even the cafes and restaurants were fully segregated on race grounds. The parks had parts for black people and sections for white people only. At the local cinema and theaters the blacks were restricted to the balcony and this abuse of black people goes on and on. You would have thought it would have died down now, but in Europe in this current moment the height of Racism like been stalk on modern media by Racist who are no family friend goes on and on. The White Superiority Complex still run wild on this planet and the fight against White Oppression in even small places still goes on and on as some families cant come to terms with Black People who happen to be successful.