Thursday, 24 January 2013


The first Black Person to set foot in Canada, was Mathieu de Costa who was traveling with Navigator Samuel de Champlach they arrive in Nova Scotia in 1603 and 1608. The first Black Person to live in Canada was a slave from Madagascar named Olivier Le Jeune, after him groups of Black People arrived in Canada in several waves, the first of these came as free  persons serving in the French Army and Navy, though some were enslaved or indentured servants. At the time of the American Revolution Blacks in the United States had to decide were there future lay. Those loyal to the British Crown were called United Empire Loyalist  and came North at the end of the American Revolution.

White American Loyalist brought there African  Slaves to Canada and they numbered approximately 2500 with them. The British evacuated an additional 3500 formerly enslaved Blacks who had gained their freedom through  Lord Dunmores Proclamation which guaranteed freedom to slaves that ran away from their masters and worked for the British. Others made their way to Canada and settled in New Brunswick and others in Nova Scotia. In 1782 the first race riots in Canada near a place in Shesburua, were white soldiers attack Black Settlers who were getting more work the white soldiers thought they should have got the jobs.  Due to the unkept promises by the British Government and discrimination on the part of white colonist 1192 African men, women and children left Canada for Sierra Leone on January 1792 and were they became the original settlers of Freetown. They alone with other groups of free transplanted people such as the Black Poor from Enland became what is now the Sierra Leone Creole and also known as the "Krio "