Friday, 4 January 2013


Black are our Brothers and Friend, so says the light skin Tunisian. They are good luck charms for us. Such statement by light skin Tunisians is treading the slippery slop of Racial Generalization which his deeply ingrained in the Tunisian culture. A Black Tunisian is reduced to a good luck charm that blesses the people when their paths cross. Among the stereotypes forced upon Black Tunisian re their societal roles as evil repellents and talismans as well as their sexually potent, lazy and unmotivated personality. In Tunisia if you are Black never say yes to them if they ask you to ride a horse, as they will be looking for a Black to ride the horse as part of their traditions.
In southern Tunisia wedding, Blacks are consider part of the decorations of the ceremony. A Black Woman is needed to dye the brides hands with henna, take care of her, and accompany her in order to cast away and avert evil. Racism many Black Tunisians is a daily routine, Bulling and name calling, with the daily spitting on Black People is a daily occurrence. Most Black Tunisian are former slaves. but their were indigenous Black Natwee of North Africa, who were never displaced or enslaved. Slavery is not uniquely related to Blacks, there were many White Slaves called Mamlouk, but after bee n freed they went from been slaves to acquiring social status and category. Blacks however remained at the bottom of the pile and were called Monkey on a daily bases.