Friday, 21 December 2012


Black People have served in Navy ships for centuries in the British Royal Navy even with  Lord Nelson at the Battle of Trafalgar were a famous painting of a Black Sailor pointing to the sniper who has just shot Lord Nelson. Their are stories, written documents of Black People on board British  Royal Navy Ships. Also the U.S. Navy war ships have always employed Freed Black Slaves on American Navy ships before the Civil War and during the Civil War. From the enlisted men who happen to have been pushed towards servants to Officers on the war ship, and the slow movement by Presidential Decrees to move Black People from the bottom ranks of segregation to integration with all the military forces including the Navy.

The U.S. Navy started to improve with the second world war as the Officer Training was open to  Black People and the Famous thirteen recruits who got selected to train as Officers In the Navy. But the story of Mid Shipman Brown who was the first Black Person to attend the famous Naval  Academy told stories of the length that fellow white mid ship men went to to get rid of him from the Navy College and one of his fellow mid-ship man Ex-President Carter who use to come to his room at night to talk to him and told him to hang on in their and he finally became the first Black Person to Graduate from the Navy Academy successfully. This is not far remove from what we have experience in the last few decade and its still going on in very coveted manner, you have to be so strong, to deal with the racism that you face on a daily bases.