Thursday, 13 December 2012


A Slave Rebellion is one armed uprising by slaves. Slave rebellion has occurred in nearly all societies that practice slavery and are among the most feared events by slave holder. Numerous black slave rebellion and Insurrection  took place in North America during the 17th 18th and 19th centuries. There is documentary evidence of more than 250 uprising or attempted uprising involving ten or more slaves. Three of the best known in the United States during the 19th centuries are the revolts by Gabriel Prosser in Virginia in 1800, Denmark Vesey in Charleston South Carolina in 1822 and Nat Turner in Southampton County Virginia in 1831.

The 1811 German Coast Uprising which took place outside of New Orleans in 1811 involved up to 500 slaves. It was suppressed by volunteer militias and a detachment of United States Army. They killed 66 Black men in the battle executed 16 and 17 escaped and or were killed along the way to freedom. The Turners 1831 rebellion involved about seventy slaves is consider to be a devastating event in American history. Over sixty people were killed causing the slave holding South to go into panic. Fifty five men, women and children were killed by Turner and his fellow slaves rampaged from plantation to plantation throughout Virginia. Fears afterwards lead to new Legislation passed by Southern States prohibiting the movement, assembly and education of slaves thus reducing the rights of Free People of Color. When Turner and the other slaves were eventually stop eighteen slaves including Turner himself were hanged.