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    BLACK          SOCIAL        HISTORY                                                                                                                                                                              GERMANS and SLAVERY

A large amount of material has been written about the relationship of Blacks to Whites and Blacks to Jews in the scheme of things.

Blacks have long had had a love-hate relationship to whites for a number of reasons, which are well known to everyone. Their relationship to the Jews on the other hand has vacillated between out-and-out hate to unmitigated love. This is due to the Jews having for many decades been in the forefront of championing civil rights and in some cases have even given their lives to that worthy cause, albeit unwillingly.

Whether this is so because of guilt feelings on the part of the Jews I don't know. That seems to be a plausible explanation even though guilt feelings toward another race are actually an unknown quantity among st the Jews.
We know that the slave trade was a multi-layered affair involving numerous nations and groups of people. None of the slaves would havebeen captured had it not been for other blacks who went inland from the African coastal regions raiding unsuspecting villages and marching the unfortunates to the coast. How many died during these brutal marches  will never be known. Once arrived at the coast, they were sold to white slavers who had been waiting for their "merchandise". These slavers were of different nationalities: Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and last, but certainly not least, the ubiquitous English, always present when injustice and horrors have been committed.
As everyone knows, trade requires capital. Traders seldom if ever have their own capital. As everyone also knows, merchandise and the means of transporting this merchandise must be insured against loss.
The financing of this trade in human cargo was arranged by the Bank ofBritain. The wealth amassed by the buying and selling of human beingscan never be calculated, but it is safe to say that to this day the BritishPound Sterling is an unclean currency.
The slave-ships, being subject to the vagaries of the high seas, being financed with British money, had to be insured and who to do that better than anyone else, Lloyd's Of London of course. The amounts of insurance-generated profits stagger the imagination and I am sure that those American Blacks who realize all this, must harbor particularly good feelings toward the humane, oh so good British with their stiff upper lip and all that.

I'd like to point out that the Germans are absent from this illustrious list of traders financiers, shippers and profiteers in human cargo.
So far we have covered the slave trade from Africa to those countries where the slaves were finally sold into servitude and frequently, degradation.

· The English financed and insured the slave wholesale trade.
 The shipping of the slaves was usually accomplished by Jewish captainsand crews, sailing ships under the flags of Portugal, Holland and England.
 The Jews bought the slaves who had been unfortunate enough tosurvive the voyage to their destination.
 The Jews were the slave retailers.
 The Jews furnished the financing of the slave trade on the destinedmarket place.
 The Jews ran "Rent-A-Slave" shops earning obscene profits.
 The Jews kept the entire sick enterprise of slavery, both in North as wellas in South America going, "well-oiled" according to Jewish historian IraRosenwaike.
 The Jews got rich off the abject degradation and misery of fellow humanbeings.The Germans, who allegedly are such terrible people on the other hand,are nowhere to be found.

But they defame, of all people the Germans, who never owned a slave in their entire history, who protested officially against this inhuman obscenity in 1688 in Philadelphia, who sailed the oceans on clean, well run ships, engaged in honest trade.
This incessant defamation of character is beyond obscene. I have no words for the unfairness, for the disgust I feel toward those who are responsible for this incessant, unmitigated monstrous campaign of lies without foundation.
The defamation of things German has been done in order to minimize the injustices perpetrated by others and, no matter how evil those injustices may have been, to make them appear "good", "benign" and "free of guilt".
Well, let's look for African-Americans with German names, shall we? Can't find any? Well, by now everyone should know the reason.
· Germans didn't own slaves.

· Germans never dealt in human cargo.

· Germans abhorred slavery.
As far back as 1688, that is 173 years before the Civil War, German immigrants marched in Philadelphia protesting the keeping of slaves. They published an official resolution to that effect.
The Germans were the first and only immigrant group, to ever march insupport of making African Americans free.
The Civil War saw entire regiments of ethnic Germans volunteer to fight to keep the Union safe and to free Black Americans. There were by far more ethnic Germans wearing an American uniform then any other group, English, Italian, Irish, no matter who. None of them even came close.

The numbers of German immigrants who fought on both sides of the war was stupendous since it is in the nature of the German to be a good citizens of the country in which he lives.
The numbers who died for the American cause is unknown, but knowing the bravery displayed by the German soldier in other conflicts, it's a safe bet that there were numerous ones who didn't come home.
Later attempts by American authorities (led by Jewish interests as per usual) to paint the Germans as having been anti-black, at any time, at any place in history, are malicious slander, the kind of slander the German has endured for far too long.
During WW1 the black troops who fought on the side of the Germans inAfrica were, without exception, honored and respected by the Germanauthorities as well as by their German comrades-in-arms.
 cannot be said of the French or British colonial troops who were usedas latrine orderlies, clean up crews, grave diggers, and shoe shine boys. Ifthey were lucky, they were not abused or called "Nigger" by their whiteofficers.
The British BBC had the unmitigated gall to produce a program in the summer of 2000 in which a Black from Africa who couldn't have possibly served in any army during WW1 since he was far too young was featured.
This Black, who couldn't have been more than 70 years old, dutifully recounted how well he had been treated and how he fought the evil Germans who had been known to hate blacks and mistreat them.
This kind of horrendously perverted rot is being produced today byGermany's alleged allies and is being beamed around the world via BBC.The fact that none of the allegations and claims made by this person werein any way backed up by any sort of proof and that this kind of obsceneanti-Germanism has no foundation in fact doesn't bother the British/Jewishfilth merchants who produced this puke in the least. They merely grintalmudically satisfied, having put another horrendous lie on the air waveswithout the cowardly scum-German(?) government protesting in the least.
The black troops on the German side were treated as men and fought bravely, wearing the German uniform.
Today, in parts of Africa which were German colonies eighty years ago,there are local Blacks, who recall having been told proudly how theirgrandfathers served the Kaiser.

 German is still spoken in some enclaves, street names arereminding people of German war heroes and there is absolutely no rancoragainst the Germans anywhere. Old Blacks proudly show the tatteredGerman uniform shirts or jackets their fathers wore as teenagers fightingthe British.
Now, take a look at the Congo, or Uganda, or anywhere else. How many Blacks show the tattered remains of British uniforms, proudly retelling how their grandfathers fought the Germans? Good luck
Parts of Africa which were part of the German empire 85 years ago are petitioning the German government today to again become part of Germany!

Germany did not gain colonies by conquering, massacring and exploiting the indigenous populations. They actually went into these lands, negotiated with the tribal chieftains and subsequently bought the land. As a consequence it is totally incorrect to equate the German "colonies" with those of England, France, Belgium or The Netherlands.
All of those countries went in, massacred, stole and abused on a scale sohorrendous it can hardly be imagined. An interesting book to read on thissubject is "King Leopolds Ghost".
We Germans have never been guilty of such acts on the African continent or anywhere else.
There isn't a former English colony that would again become part of the UK, even if you'd pay them. Any suggestion to that effect would be answered by a gunshot.
This is contrary to the way the situation is normally represented in JewishHollywood films, where the "oh so benign" British work together with their"fellow"-citizens of African ethnicity. Yeah, right.
It is truly unbelievable that the Germans, the only people of Europe whotreated the Blacks of their colonies with dignity, are now being accused ofwrongdoing.
What is even more atrocious is that the German (so-called!) governmentsits still, quiet as a church mouse and doesn't have the decency or moralcourage to tell the Jew scum of the world who run the UK and the USA togo to hell in a hand basket.

 1936, during the Berlin Olympics, black athletes were respected by theirGerman hosts and competitors. Not a single one reported anydiscrimination of any kind.
The great Jesse Owens related how well he had been treated and howrespected he had felt. Not like "at home" where he had to sit in the backof the bus, stay at segregated hotels, eat at segregated diners and hadto make his living as a "speed-freak" at county fairs.

 Riefenstahl's movie of these games makes liars of everyone who hasattempted desperately to smear the German record. There one seesGerman fans by the thousands reacting joyfully and enthusiasticallywhenever a foreign athlete, black or white, won. These scenes were notstaged, they were spontaneous reactions of common people, showingtheir heartfelt joy at being honored to witness excellence.
The Germans displayed a sense of fair play totally lacking in practically all other Olympic Games on record where the home crowd howls like mad dogs when one of theirs wins, but stays silent whenever a foreigner, particularly a German takes the victory podium.
This is particularly evident whenever the games are shown on American TV. American athletes are lionized to a degree all out of proportions to their real value, whereas the others, particularly Germans and Austrians are shamelessly ignored, discriminated against and if ever, given only grudging, miniscule coverage, no matter their brilliance.
The German Olympics in Berlin 1936 on the other hand were covered in anevenhanded and fair manner the subsequent commentators in their utterlysenseless anti-German hysteria couldn't even dream of.
There was no favoritism shown, even though a little would most certainly have been understandable.
None of the foreign athletes, black or white experienced any sort of maltreatment and were lionized by the crowds, regardless of nationality or race. They were housed in an exemplary housing complex, given the best food and care and had nothing but positive things to say about their experiences when returning home.