Saturday, 9 February 2013


 There are now ten Billions of reasons why the American Government, its Congress and People should vote or a Martin Luther-King Gold Medal and a Civil Rights Movement Medal, because the hundreds of years of Oppression and the Black  People,the help white people who help by putting there lives at risk so that others can live and fight another day. These Medals are now far over due, nearly half a century is now drawing so near that the American People must stand up and say we now require a medal that reflects the hard fought Freedom of Justice, Equality, and the right to be treated as Human Beings in a world that has short change the Black Race. I call on President Obama and is Government to live one legacy " A Medal Of The Civil Rights Movements" or " A Martin Luther-King" Medal for people who have done exceptional work for the American People. A call of Duty for the United States in a self after the call of self sacrifice so others can live or save others from the hands of vile evil.

In my life time, I have witness men and women who have given there lives, put there lives at risk for others, in my country, people who seem to think that social net working site has made them shallow little Hitlers by writing stupid jokes day in day out, when Black Young People are been killed by racist in cities all over the country and all they can think of is small time jokes and look how wonderful I am. Get a Life. I am gutted by the lack of vision by some of theses current generation of Blacks that live in our cities. I feel so let down by all the hard work that Dr Martin Luther-King, Malcolm-X, Rosa Parkes, Jessie Jackson and many many others, including the students and church children who lost there lives, and the people who suffer dog bites, gun shots, water cannon and many many other that payed a high price.