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90 YEARS 23RD MAY 1906 - 23RD MAY 1996
Our beloved Lodge Sierra Leone Highland, celebrates the ninetieth anniversary of its inauguration today, and as we meet to observe this joyous and momentous occasion let me say how privileged and honoured I feel to be selected from among a galaxy of distinguished Past Masters, more competent and qualified than your humble servant, to deliver this Historical Sketch of our good, old and renowned Lodge. Some of us had the unique opportunity to be present at the Diamond Jubilee celebrations thirty years ago during the administration of the late Brother David Ola Taylor, Past Master. I was then the ostensible Steward of the Lodge. What I am now doing was done by the late Bro. Julius Levi William John, ISO, JP, VJ, Past District Master. His Sketch covered the period 23rd May 1906 to 23rd May, 1966. I do not intend to produce it verbally but will draw considerably from it and rely on the minutes and other documents of the Lodge for the remaining thirty years as far as they are available, as well as the reservoir of knowledge of illustrious Brethren and the little I may have.
Brethren would no doubt wish to know something about thefounding of the Lodge. There were only two Lodges in Sierra Leone in the very early nineties, namely Freetown and St. George's, both of the English Constitution. The late Bro, Christopher Claudius Nicols, a great grandfather of our Bro. Christopher Herbert Nicols PM of this Lodge and- I believe, a relation of another of our Past Masters, Bro. Rev. Josiah Nicol and also of our revered District Grand Secretary, Bro, George S.R* Nicol PM, was at that time a member and primus of St. George's Lodge No. 2506 EC. Masonic historians say that because of some difference he had with Brethren of St. Georges. he approached Wor. Bro. Welling Oakley Welsford, Manager of Messrs Spencer and Co., a Commercial Firm,and Wor.Bro. Richard J. Godson, masons of the English and ScottishConstitutions and discussed with them the possibility of founding a Scottish Lodge in Sierra Leone. This was considered to be a grand idea and arrangements were accordingly made for it to materialise. Some other Brethren of the English Constitution consented to join in the petition for a Charter which was accordingly granted on 2nd November, 1905.
Bro. Levi John, in his Historical Sketch, wrote, and I quote " The Lodge was inaugurated . not consecrated - I am open to correction  on the 23rd of May, 1906. I cannot understand why "inauguration" was used instead of the usual "consecration" or "constitution and dedication". My pocket Oxford Dictionary tells me that "to inaugurate" is to admit to office, begin (undertaking), initiate public use of (building etc.) with ceremony. It is quite possible it was done that way because of the absence of a delegation from the Grand Lodge of Scotland to perform the usual consecration ceremony.
Be that as it may, Lodge Sierra Leone Highland No. 997 (SC) came into being on the 23rd of May 1906, with the following Brethren as Founders and first Office Bearers:
RWM - Bro. C.C. Nicols, Merchant
Depute Master - Bro. W.O. Welsford
Substitute Master - Bro.R.J. Godson
WSW - Rev. N.S. Davies, MA
WJW - S.W. Carew, Clerk,Imperial Government
Secretary - Bro.C.J.R. Thomas, Merchant
Treasurer - Bro. William Peters, Clerk, Imperial Government
Senior Deacon - Bro.J.S.T. Davies, Asst. PMG
Junior Deacon - Bro.C.A. Moore
Inner Guard - Bro.J.P.B.Davies, Clerk,Imperial Government
Tyler - Bro. Rogers Barlatt, BA
Steward - A.G. Johnson, Clerk,Imperial Government

Rather unfortunately, Bros. Weisford and Godson were unable to travel to Freetown for the inauguration. As was to be expected the other Founders who were all English Masons took the Oath defideli as Scottish Masons on inauguration day.
All of these Brethren have relations who are with us this time round and have made their mark in Freemasonry. 1 must particularly mention Bro. J.S.T. Davies whose progeny is our illustrious Right Worshipful District Grand Master, Bro. The Hon. Mr. Justice Samuel Beccles-Davies.
The early minutes of the Lodge could not be traced but the Roll of Members is of historic interest and in it could be found the names and signatures of many of the most prominent members of the Sierra Leone Community in every rank and sphere who have gained admission into the Lodge.
On Inauguration Day, four Brethren were initiated into the Lodge, namely, D.C. Parker, a Carpenter; E.A.C. Davies: a Government Contractor; Rev. S.J. Taylor, and Al Hassan Macauley, a Clerk in the Imperial Government (now the Civil Service). On the same day two Brethren from St. Georges Lodge were affiliated, namely, Bros W.S, Johnson, Deputy Traffic Inspector, Sierra Leone Government Railway and J.E. Tomlinson, a Sergeant in the Royal Army Medical Corps at Tower Hill. On the 5th of June 1906, two Brethren were initiated into the Lodge, namely W.T.C. Ashley a Mercantile Agent and Atiba Davies an Officer of the Sierra Leone Railways. It is likely that the latter was the late A.H.T. Atiba Davies of Pultney Street, a distinguished Mason and a relation of our District Grand Master. On the 7th of August 1906, William O'Connor Cole, a Clerk, was initiated, passed on 1st October and expelled fifteen months afterwards on 6th Januarys 1908. One wonders what could have been the reason for his expulsion. He was, however, re-admitted and raised to the Third Degree on 12th June 1933, during the third administration of the late Bro. Julius John.
The First Administration was in office for two and half years, i.e. 23rd May, 1906 to 30th November, 1908, During the period there were twenty initiations and fourteen affiliations. The initiates included, apart from those already mentioned, names like Josephus Augustus Hamilton, Clerk in the Government of Nigeria, Thomas Henrison Sigismund King, a School Teacher; Thomas Adolphus Godfrey Macarthy from Fernando Po; Jacob Stanley Davies, Telegraph Clerk; Dunstant Smith, Clerk Imperial Government; Joseph Beckley Macauley, a Government Officer from Calabar, Nigeria; Tobiah Howard, Telegraphist from Zungeru in Nigeria: Samuel Babington Thomas a Goldsmith of Ball Street in Freetown; Jargoo Cole, a Mercantile Clerk of Little East Street who was later expelled in February 1910, Nicholas George Smith, mercantile agent of Lawson Lane and Blama; Thomas Babington Macauley,Government Printer, Northern Nigeria; Eben Albert Lewis, Auctioneer of Garrison Street; James William Roberts, Contractor of Congo Town; Samuel Edwin Cole, a Telegraphist from Lagos; George Eleady Cole, Mercantile Clerk from Bo; Samuel Adole Hughes, Mercantile Agent. Among the affiliates were names like Peter Nicols; A.H. Vince, Quartermaster Sergeant from Lodge St. David, Dundee No. 78 SC; theHonourable Abraham Spencer Hebron, Barrister-at- Law from Freetown Lodge No. 1955 EC; Sydney C. Thompson, Company Sergeant Major from St. Helena Lodge No. 488 EC, Of the Founders, Bro, Rev. N.S, Davies became Master of the Lodge in 1907 - 1910; Bro. J.S.T, Davies in 1911; C.J.R. Thomas in 1915; J.P.B. Davies in 1921. I have not been able to obtaininformation as to why the others did not get to the Chair: the early minutes of the Lodge which could not be traced might have provided that information.
Of the initiates of 1906 to 1908, only two became Masters of theLodge namely, E.A. Lewis in 1919 and Samuel Adole Hughes in 1931; and of the affiliates only Peter Nicols became Master of the Lodge and that was in 1914, It may not be wrong to assume that some of these brethren migrated to other Lodges and became Masters therein.
The Second Administration, like the first, was in office for more than a year, 1908 to 1910. The Master was Bro. Rev. N.S. Davies, MA, popularly known as "Holy Davies". He was purported to be the first Sierra Leonean to obtain the Bachelor of Arts Degree from Fourah Bay College after its affiliation to Durham University. To quote Bro Julius John "he was a scholar of no mean repute". During his administration there were teninitiations and four affiliations. The initiates included such names like Moses Benjamin Pynches Reider and his two brothers Thomas Alphonso Ignatius and Joseph Edmondson Reider; Frank Clarence Campbell, St. Nicholas Hemmmgs John and John Benson Vincent. The affiliates included Jabez Benjamin Luke of East Street, Freetown and from Freetown Lodge No. 1955 EC. Of the initiates M.B.P. Reider became Master in 1917; J.B. Vincent in 1918; Frank Clarence Campbell in 1922 and also Right Worshipful District Grand Master in 1963; J.B. Luke, the affiliate, became Master in 1913.
The Third Administration in 1911 had Bro. J.S.T. Davies in the Chair. There were nine initiations and one affiliation. The initiates included names like Dandeson Adolphus Williams of Regent Road and Clerk in the Audit Department: Henry Elihu Golley of Fort Street, Freetown and Chief Clerk, Customs Department, Forcados;Arthur Case Nicols, Mercantile Clerk of Clarence Street, Freetown; Solomon Oldfield Benjamin, Merchant of Freetown and Calabar in Nigeria; Louis Grant Mends, Contractor of Circular Road; Eric Joseph Lewis of Garrison Street and Calabar in Nigeria; Sigismund Christian Benjamin of Little East Street and the Treasury Department; Isaac Fred Theophilus George ofFourah Bay Road and Colonial Secretary's Office and Joseph Ade Lasite, Goldsmith of Regent Road, the only affiliate from St. George's Lodge No. 2506 E.C . The Master during this Administration, Bro. J.S.T. Davies, was reported to be very capable and efficient. He had the opportunity of travelling to Scotland where he observed Scottish workings performed in the proper way. It was on his return from one such visit that he pointed out that the Altar in a Scottish Lodge should be located in the centre of the Lodge and not in the East as in the case of an English Lodge. Of the initiates during this administration. D.A. Williams became Master in 1916 and. L.F.T. George in 1920. J.S.T, Davies was also Master of Lodge Academic in 1914.
The Fourth Administration in 1912 had Bro. A.G. Johnson in the Chair. Bro. Julius John wrote and I quote, " this brother was well known for his stiff white breast shirt and cuff. He had six initiates and one affiliate. The initiates included Isaac Sylvester Clarke of  Lumley Street and Calabar in Nigeria: Henry Jenkins Carr, a Carpenter of Circular Road and of Brazaville in the Congo; William Pope Hennessy Davies of Pademba Road Freetown; Christie Eardley Williams from Lagos; MichaelDaniel Benjamin Thomas of Fore Street; Samuel Pope Henessy Randall of Lagos and George Meheux Spillsbury,the affiliate from Freetown Lodge No. 1955. Of these only W.P.H Davies became Master of the Lodge in 1923.
Bro Jabez Benjamin Luke, an affiliate from Freetown Lodge No. 1955 EC, became Master of the Fifth Administration of the Lodge in 1913. He is reputed to be one of the most popular and influential Masters of Lodge Sierra Leone Highland. It is reported that during his administration, he regaled brethren at the festive board after each meeting thus ensuring that the funds of the Lodge remained in tact. He had fourteen initiatesand one affiliate, namely, Dr. W. Ojumiri Taylor, Snr, who was initiated in Lodge Roman Eagle No. 100. The initiates include names like Onesimus Charles, Henry Thompson, a Customs Officer of Regent Road; Elkanah Josiah Gabbidon of the Treasury Department and Fort Street; Joshua Nicholas Philip Nicol of the Crown Law Office and Mountain Cut, Freetown; Morsal William Betts of Fourah Bay Road; Jonathan Pope Hennesy Nottidge of Ball Street, Freetown; Samuel HenrySmith, Carpenter of Easton Street; Ebenezer Thomas Macauley, a Carpenter of Upper Bombay Street. Of this initiate O.C.H. Thompson became Master in 1927; J.N.P. Nicol in 1929; J.P.H. Nottidge in 1932. The affiliate, Dr. W. Ojumiri Taylor, became Master in 1938.
Bro, Peter Nicols, an affiliate from Merchant Lodge No. 241 in Liverpool, England, was Master of the Sixth Administration in 1914. Bro Levi John described him as "an indomitable and fearless fighter. He was Travelling Supervisor and Traffic Inspector of Accounts in the Sierra Leone Railway. The phrase TS and TIA on line instilled dread and fear on Station Masters and other railway officials. He was quite au fait withthe Constitution and Laws not only of Grand Lodge but also of the Methodist Church to which he belonged".
He had nine initiates among whom were Benoni Ecudoro Felix of Magazine Cut and Customs Department; Francis Alphonso John, a Commercial Agent of Walpole Street; Ishmael Ethelbert Johnson of Soldier Street; Theophilus Julius Lewis of Truscott Street and John William Smith of Sackville Street and G.B. Ollivant, Of these only Benoni E. Felix went to the Chair of the Lodge and that was in 1924.
Bro. C.J.R, Thomas the Chartered Secretary, became Master of the Lodge in 1915. Although he had been Master of St. George's Lodge in 1909 and 1912 the Brethren thought it fit to reward him for his dedicated services to Lodge Sierra Leone Highland by electing him to the office of Master. His administration was a very successful one with twelve initiations. The initiates included names like C. Augustus Beckley of Pademba Road and G.B. Ollivant, Freetown; Gustavus Max William Vincent of Regent Road, Wilberforce; Harry William Jonathan Lardner of Lumley Street, Freetown and an officer of the Nigerian Civil Service; Julius Levi William John of Regent Street and an officer in the Colonial Secretary's Office, Freetown; Jabez Okon Nicols of Walpole Street and theGovernment Post Office; John William Smith of Sackville Street and G.B, Ollivant, Freetown; and David Alphaeus John of Regent Street and an officer in the Civil Service of Nigeria. Of these C.A. Beckley became Master of the Lodge in 1925; Okon Nicols in 1930 and Julius Levi Willam John in 1926 and 1933 and was the Primal District Grand Master of the District Grand Lodge of Sierra Leone on 24th May 1958. John Williams Smith became Master of Lodge Academic in 1923 and at the time of his death in April 1956, David Alphaeus John was Senior Warden of the District Grand Lodge of Nigeria.
Dandeson Adolphus Williams, otherwise known as "Coates" Williams, became Master of the Lodge in 1916. He was the first and only member of the Lodge to be elected and installed as Master directly from the floor. I shall quote extensively what Bro. Levi John had to say aboutt his.
Bro Dandeson Williams was the first member of the Lodge that was elected RWM from the floor without passing through any of the Wardens' Chairs and since then no other brother has been so elected; but the Constitution and Laws of the Grand Lodge of Scotland was the same at that time as it is at present (1950 Edition) "that any qualified member of a Lodge may be nominated for and elected to any elective office in that Lodge". The Senior Warden was Bro M.B. Pynches Reider and the Junior Warden was Bro. J.B. Vincent; nevertheless, as already stated, Bro. Williams was elected by a majority vote from the floor. Bro. Peter Nicols, the redoubtable champion of the interpretation of the Constitution and Laws was Immediate Past Master and he put up a very strong protest against the election and the discussion went on till almost midnight. As hewas still not satisfied the Master decided to call an Emergency Meeting to further discuss the protest and to come to a decision before installation on the 30th November. An Emergency Meeting was accordingly called but the Secretary of the Lodge, Bro, L.F.T. George was indisposed and unable to attend the meeting and the writer of this sketch (referring to himself) whowas quite new to Freemasonry was suddenly called to take the Secretary's table and to take the "Notes" of  the Meeting possibly owing to his being a Shorthand Typist.
After the meeting was opened the "protest" by Bro. Peter Nicols, the IPM, was trenchantly discussed but the views expressed in that meeting were all the same that the Constitution is so clear on the point that no other interpretation could be given to it and to avoid a defeat if he were to appeal to the Grand Lodge of Scotland he was obliged to withdraw. It was suggested that the Emergency Meeting might be considered as non est and that no record be made of it in the minute book and the meeting agreed. The Right Worshipful Master in order to get a binding hold on Bro. Peter Nicols appointed him the Installing Master on the occasion and Bro. Williams was duly installed as RWM of  Lodge Sierra Leone Highland No. 997 SC. There were eight initiations during the administration and one affiliation from St. George's Lodge, Bro. A..E. Nicol  Macfoy, who became Master of that Lodge in 1939. The installation of Bro. D.A. Williams ended the first decade of the Lodge.
The second decade, 1917 to 1926, started with the installation of Bro. M.B.P. Reider as RWM in November 1917. Forty-seven Brethren were initiated during this decade and two affiliated. Notable among the initiates were Daniel Christopher Johnson of Pademba Road who became Master of the Lodge in 1934; Edward Cleophas May-Thomas, Master in 1949; W.L.QCreighton, Master in 1935; J.E. Brandon, Master in 1943; Abraham B. Sillah, a well known Jeweller of Kissy Street. Master in 1941 and C.M. Johnson, Master in 1937.
The third decade, 1927 to 1936, commenced with the installation of Bro. O.C.H. Thompson in November, 1927There were thirty initiations and three affiliations during decade.
Among those admitted into the Lodge were Edmund John Ingliss, who became Master in 1942;  M.N.Taylor-Pearce, Master in 1938; J. Arnold Thomas, Master in 1936; J.A. Beresford Cole, Master in 1939; Modupe Leslie Hall Gage, Master in 1944; O.S. Thompson (Bon Marchie), Master in 1946; Samuel Abraham Allen, Master in 1952 and W. Tele Doherty, Master in 1947.
The fourth decade, 1937 to 1946, commenced with the installation of Bro. C.H.A. Johnson in November, 1937, There were eighty four initiates and nine affiliates, This was the period of the second world war and initiates included servicemen who were based in Freetown and its environs and naval officers of ships which were in Freetown on war duties. Among those admitted into the Lodge during the period were Edward Nathan Wright who became Master in 1953; Ambrose Benka-Coker, the Primal Master of Lodge Tranquility No. 1446 SC ; Adam Daniel Jackson. Master of Lodge Tranquility in 1953. Salako Benka-Coker, Master in 1951; Dalton Henry Shears an affiliate from Loyal Lodge and  father of  Dalton Frederick Shears also an affiliate of this Lodge; D.M, Allen Thomas who became Master of Lodge Travellers No, 1455; Tommy Yellowe whobecame Master of Lodge Tranquility; Samuel Reginald Clarke, father of our RWM, Master in 1960; Alphonso J. I,ewis who became Master of St. George's Lodge; D.V, Lawson, Master in 1954; V.F.O. Lake Master in1955; Hamble E.A. Johnston, Master in 1957: G.W. Gilpin who went to the Chair in Lodge Tranquility; Canon I.D.L. Thompson, who was never Master of a Lodge but was Z of a Chapter and Sovereign of OrionChapter; J.O. Bobb-Lucas, Master in 1974,
Thomas Gilbert George, Master in 1961; G.S.B. Wellington who went to the Chair in Lodge Tranquility; U.M. Caramba-Coker, who went to the Chair in Lodge Harmony and was primal Master of Lodge Leona; E.S.R. Pratt, who went to the Chair in Lodge Tranquility; Magnus Hilton Leigh, who went to the Chair in Lodge Harmony and J.B. Taylor, who went to the Chair inLodge Travellers. This period also saw the amalgamation in 1938 of Lodge Princees, Bo, No. II 74 and Lodge Sierra Leone Highland No. 997.
The fifth decade, 1947 to 1956, commenced with the installation of Bro. W. Tele Doherty in November, 1947, There were thirty-six initiates and three affiliates. Among those admitted were Dr. J.R. Beresford Cole, who became Master in 1979; G.A.P. Hamilton, who went to the Chair in LodgeHarmony; R.C.B. Peacock, Master in 1959; F,G. Coker, who went to the Chair in Lodge Tranquility; Jacob Aki Thomas, Master in 1962; David Ola Taylor, Master in 1966; Anthony Odewale Godwin, Master in 1965; T.K. Eleady-Cole, who we at to the Chair in Lodge The Earl of Eglinton and Winton; J,C, Oju-Mends, Master in 1969 and C.H. Nicols, Master in 1963.
The sixth decade, 1957 to 1966, commenced with the installation of Bro. Hamble Johnston in November 1957 There were thirty eight initiates and seven affiliates. Among those admitted were S.J.C. Finney. who went to the Chair in Lodge Leona; N.H.T. Boston, Master in 1968; S.P. Hazeley, Master in 1971; David John, Master in 1976; R.E. Boston-Mammah, Master in 1970; J.B. Fowler, Master in 1972; Denton Calvin Pratt, Master in 1964; J.T.O. Vincent, Master in 1967; E. Bami Wilson, who went to the Chair in London West Africa Lodge No. 5485 EC; E. J. Nicol, Master in 1973;  A.J.O. Coker, Master in 1977; V.F.B. Lake, Master in 1975; B.M.E.Davies, Master in 1978; Arthur Zuzel Beckley, an affiliate, who went to the Chair in Loyal Lodge No, 3719 EC and was for many years Secretary of the District Grand Lodge of Sierra Leone and The Gambia (EC); O.J.E. Samuels of Kissy who died as Senior Warden in 1976; W.O.E. Barber, who went to the Chair in Lodge Blue Diamond; Ebun Anthony Thomas, who went to the Chair in Lodge Cotton Tree and PM Dimoh, Master in 1983. This decade witnessed the consecration on 24th May, 1958, of theDistrict Grand Lodge (Scottish Constitution) and installation of a son of Highland, Bro. J. Levi John, as the first District Grand Master. He was succeeded in 1963 by another Highland luminary, Bro. Frank Clarence Campbell.
Of great importance to Freemasonry is its social aspect refreshment after labour. This decade, also, witnessed the introduction of social programmes in the Lodge such as The Master's Night when Brethren dine with their female guests after the meeting following the installation in November and picnics on Easter Monday.
The seventh decade, 1967 to 1976, commenced with theinstallation of Bro. N.H.T. Boston in November, 1967. There were sixty-six initiations and sixteen affiliations. Those admitted included F.C. Hickson, who became Master in 1980: H..I..B. Gerber popularly known as "Morality/Fidelity" an affiliate who had passed the Chair in Lodge Fidelity in Ghana; T.C.O, Vincent, Master in 1981; H,N. Fergusson, Master in 1982: PM Dimoh, Master in 1983. Samuel Ayodeji Allien, Master in 1984; J.W.O. affiliate  Past Master of  Freetown Lodge; I..G..L. Davies, Master  in 1985; G.A.A Hamilton, Master in 1986; P.A.L. Hall Gage.Master in 1988; K.A.B. Fergusson, who went to the Chair in Trinity Lodge 848IC;  S.H.M. Forde, who went  to the Chair in The Progressive Lodge 6431EC.    Rev. L.E.T. Shyllon, who also went to the Chair in TheProgressive Lodge; C.A. Decker, Master in 1987; E.B. Paul Coker, Master in 1989; Hilton Leigh who, a few days ago, was installed as Master of Lodge Blue Diamond 1687, H.G. Buck. Master in 1990; M.G.A. Lake, presently sojourning in the United Kingdom; Johnny Pratt, who went to the Chair in Rokel Lodge 2798EC; Johannes Fowler, who went to the Chair in Anglo Sierra Leone Lodge in London; I.W.O. Findlay, Master in 1990; W.T.S. Ade-Cole, who went to the Chair in Lodge Blue Diamond; R.W.O.B. During an affiliate? who went to the Chair in Loyal Lodge 3719 SC; I.S.A, Paul Coker, now a member of Lodge Sojourner Kilwining in Washington DC;  C.W. Macfoy. who went to the Chair in Lodge Blue Diamond; E.A. Conner an affiliate Past Master from Loyal Lodge; R.E. Ben Davies, anaffiliate Past Master from St. George's Lodge: Dr. H.M.S. Boardman, Sir Emile Fashole Luke, Rev. C.E. Tuboku-Metzger and C. Beccles-Davies who were all received as Honorary Members of the Lodge; J.T. Nottidge, D.F. Shears; M.A.G, Findlay; A.H Cromanty; J.O.S. Decker, Z.J. Grey Coker and M.A.H. Carrol, affiliates of the Lodge, N.M.L. Spencer-Walters,Master in 1991 and Max A. Bailor who is presently Master of Lodge Albert Academy, No. 1797 SC. This decade witnessed the destruction by fire of the former Temple and the building of the present one.
The eighth decade 1977 to 1986, commenced with the installation of Bro, A.J.O. Coker in November, 1977 were forty one initiations and five  affiliations. Those admitted into the Lodge included Emestus Coker, Master in 1993 S.E.B. Hagan, an affiliate who had gone to the Chair in Granville Lodge 7212 EC; Dr. E W. BIyden, an affiliate who had gone to the Chair in Freetown Lodge 1955 EC. Dr. A.B. Abayomi Cole,J.R. Zizer, E.E.D. Wright who were received as Honorary Members of the Lodge; S.A.E. Taylor an affiliate from Trinity Lodge 848 Irish Constitution; P.B. Hazeley, Master in 1992; A.E. Wilson, who went to the Chair in Lodge Regentonia; I.S.M. Clarke, the present Master; M.D.T,Gilpin, who went to the Chair in a London Lodge; C.L.O. Venn, who went to the Chair in Lodge Regentonia; E.G. Pyne Bailey now Junior Warden of the Solomon Pratt Lodge; B.J. Strasser-Williams now Senior Warden of this Lodge; S.O. Horton, who went to the Chair in Lodge Regentonia; G.B. Horton now Senior Warden of Lodge Regentonia; F.C Wellington (Webmaster), R.M. Campbell and I.B. Campbell Junior Warden and Senior Deacon respectively of this Lodge: Percy A. Johnson, a Past District Grand Master, who was received as Honorary Member of the Lodge; F.E. AttarahMaster in 1994/95; Magnus Decker presently Master of Lodge Delco No. 1624 SC; Magnus Coker, E.A. Wilson-Taylor, R.N.K. Collier, R.O.V. Cole now holding junior offices in the Lodge and T.D. John an affiliate Past Master from Lodge Sapiens 1620 SC.
The nineth decade, 1987 to 1996, commenced with the installation of Bro. P.A.L, Hall Gage in November, 1987. There have so far been thirty four initiations and one affiliation. Of those admitted into the Lodge none has so far been to the Chair but I am happy to observe that most if not all of them have proved to be dedicated Freemasons who will make theirmark in Freemasonry in the years that lie ahead.
The ninetieth anniversary of our Lodge is considered as asignificant attainment not because of its historical significance but more because it presents an opportunity for a fresh start into the future; a future which must consider the past only as a platform for the realisation of the masonic aspirations of the Founders; a future in which brethren will rededicate themselves to the craft in its service to humanity and above all a future in which members would make the commitment to preserve theLodge and its traditions and accept new challenges that would surely evolve with even greater vitality. We, therefore, look forward to the centenary of the Lodge with determination, dedication and promise.