Wednesday, 20 April 2016


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Totally horrifying – Children burnt alive in South Africa (Extremely NSFW)

Don’t say we didn’t warn you , this is by far the most disturbing video that we’ve likely ever seen.
No western news source we’re aware of has picked up this story, so we truly believe that we are the first. The story goes (Full text at bottom of the blog post), that 5 young men (3 minors) crossed the boarder from Zimbabwe to South Africa to rob people. They ended up killing one man and were caught shortly after. Mob justice then took over and the 5 men were doused in kerosene, tied with ropes, then attached to tires set ablaze. The result was 3 of the men dying from injuries while 2 managed to live due to police intervention.
This all has to do with the entirely mind-blowing state of affairs in South Africa. We will be doing more article in the future about these topics, and the history of such civil conflicts abroad, however this video is posted with the intention of being a warning to people as to how brutal life truly is.
News source #1 – SABC News
A horrific case of mob justice played out at the Sondela Informal Settlement near Rustenburg, North West, over the weekend.
Five youths, alleged criminals, were set alight. A video too graphic to display shows five youth, three of them minors, tied with ropes and tyres placed around their necks.
During a public interrogation, they confessed to the murder of a man and were then doused with petrol and set alight. Police came to their rescue but three of them later succumbed to their injuries.
One is fighting for his life and the fifth remains in police custody. Two similar cases in Sondela are also being investigated by police.
Residents say they want more visible policing in the area and claim that criminals go unpunished, fuelling mob justice incidents.
The rising number of such incidents in the area has both police and residents worried.
News source #2 – Zimeye
KwaZulu-Natal police spokesperson Major Thulani Zwane confirmed earlier that Chatsworth residents attacked foreign nationals staying in an informal settlement on Tuesday night, forcing them to evacuate.
“The community members also burnt a shack belonging to a foreigner. Chatsworth SAPS members assisted the victims and tried to move them to a place of safety but they refused stating that they are afraid to be deported,” Zwane said.
A 42-year-old man was injured during the attack.
In Sydenham, about 100 residents also attacked foreign nationals at an informal settlement.
“[Police] tried to assist the foreigners who were under attack and the community members began throwing stones at the police,” Zwane said.
“SAPS fired rubber bullets to disperse the unruly crowd. One unidentified foreign national was injured and taken to hospital for medical treatment. The community members were demanding all foreigners to evacuate the informal settlement. The police managed to contain the situation.”