Thursday, 7 March 2013


In Algeria today, there is no public policy to reduce the stigma of slave descent. Black People there are a minority which is not recognized as such. When the French Government abolished slavery in 1848, French colonialists preferred to  to retaine slavery in Algeria and then asserted that it was useful in this colonial context. So they didn't invent but they received the institution of "Nigger Villages" Slaves, Slaves descendants and Arabic people, all Indigenous people lived in these separate places until the 50's  discovered when Frantz Fanon discovered Algeria during the Algeria war, this is one of the reasons why he compared this country to South Africa Apartheid.

The independence of Algeria which was obtained by Algerians after eight years of war in 1962, signified equality for everyone. But at this time and today being Algerian means been Arabic and Muslim. The consequence is first the negative of diversity in Algeria  second the negation of being of slave descent. The only one exhibition of Black Culture which is accepted as Guawa music. But black people in Algeria are a large part of the population, they have their own culture ( Oral, Poetry, Music, Rituals) but they are not citizens like the white Algerian. They are marginalized in the political life of Algeria. Nobody speaks about slavery its a taboo subject in Algeria society and the Algerian Academy.

It is very difficult to speak about Black People as a slave, the Algerian Society is a radicalized society despite the National Ideology of Algerian Identity. But in fact for example there is no Black Imam who defends dementalism. Algeria is divided between white North and Black South and this is a crucial problem which could be culturally resolved before a political solution.