Wednesday, 13 March 2013


Joseph is from Ghana a highly educated Black Young Man who has a Ghanian Government scholarship to study Computing In Morocco, he lives in Casablanca and he is a legal resident. He has been living in Morocco for four years and has been the victim of racism and it happen all the time and every were. The most awful incident took place at the Airport, I was with my Aunt who was heading back to Guinea and had a lot of luggage, other passengers  from Sub-Saharan countries seeing her struggling with the luggage's came to help her get it onto the plane, but an Airline employee stop them from doing so and told them she has to deal with it her self because she was Black. I replied in Arabic and he replied by hitting on the head. I told him that I am going to complain and sarcastically " That ! right go complain to the King " I never did file a complaint.

Often when I am working down the street people will call me " Dirty Black Man" or call me " Slave "Young Moroccan have physically assaulted me on several occasion for no reason at all apart from the color of my skin  and passers by who saw it wont lift a finger to help me. All my friends are Black and they have all experience the same Racist Assaults and name calling. Even the Black women get assaulted in the street. To avoid getting hurt in the street I ignore all the name calling. But if some one hit me, I have to defend my self from the assault. After four years of constant Racist attacks as soon as I complete my course of studies I will leave Morocco for my home country. I feel sorry for the Black Moroccan born and bread in such a Racist Society.