Wednesday, 20 March 2013


With these Post Cards we call them the Oppression Years, when every thing goes, from the Lynching of Black Men and Women for no just cause apart from the color of there skin, the segregation years when one race thought that they came from a planet in outer space were they have the God given right to enslave other race, work them to death, no pay, no proper heating in winter, food fit for pigs and then beaten like snake to death. This is what we the Modern Blacks call the Oppression Years when we did not have the say how to change things that the oppressors took for granted. To them just like later day Hitler ! They were superior to every other race and even their News Papers, Post Cards, Posters and Magazine;s which were produce had to give out clever propaganda to educate the masses that it okay to abuse some one who happen to be of another race.

The point at issue is to keep the enslavement operating at the level and the length of time it existed, you have to have a host of very very clever instrument to feed the slave owners, their families, the young children that will be the next generation to slut into there parents and grand parents shoes of vile evil of owing a fellow human being, and its okay to abuse and ill treat them as you wish, and with no sense of worries at all, its allowed under the state laws, a man can abuse is fellow man with no fear of been charged with any crime. My one question is, Did these people go to church on Sundays ? Where there churches in all the town, villages, and in the whole state ?  Where their real Priest, Vicars, Men of God, Men of Cloths in these world of cruelty ? Why were so silent ?Give answers.